Two-way CCTV


Two-way Surveillance Service with Real-Time Monitoring
Two-way CCTV

Users can check up on what is happening at home when they are not at home, using their own PC and mobile handset with a high-definition video.

Monitoring without blind spots with advanced angle control

Intrusion detection and alarm triggering

Two way Walkie-Tokie

Functions & Features

Real-Time Video Access

You can keep an eye on your home, pets and kids in real-time anywhere and at any time using your smart phone, tablet or PC

Advanced Angle Control

Up to a horizontal angle of 345° and vertical angle of 110 °, you can monitor your intended spots in your home

Two-way walkie-talkie

You can stay in contact with family or pets in home by using Push-To-Talk between a smart phone and a camera

Infrared LED night vision

You can see a camera view even in low light conditions such as in a dark room or at night
* Automatic change to black-and-white screen in case of a dark

High-definition display

- Crisp and vivid video and image quality with over 1 million pixels
- Support x3 digital zoom

Intrusion sensing and alert

As soon as a trouble starts, with motion detection, the system will automatically start recording to cloud storage, deliver alerts and alarms to your camera, and send notifications to your smart phone

Real-time easy recording & Scheduled recording

- You can record the video in real-time and save in the SD card of Camera and your smart phone

- If you set the recording time, the video is recorded on scheduled time and then stored in cloud storage

Alarm & Emergency Call

In an emergency, you can set off an alarm on camera and call  emergency number through your smart phone

Screen Capture & Recording

You can take a screenshot of camera view and save a video for 5 minutes to your smart phone

Privacy Mode

If you don’t want people to monitor your camera, you can disable a remote monitoring  function by activating privacy mode

Home Appliance Remote Control

You can control your home electronics such as TV and air conditioner outside the home by using the mobile app and the camera

LGU+ HOME CCTV MOMCA real-time monitoring screen


More information

 LGU+ Two-way CCTV Service MOMCA

- Go to [LGU+(>MomCa] for more details

  *MOMCA is specific CCTV service name of LGUplus, it means MOM+Camera.




MomCa server

LGU+, Korea (since 2014)


SmartHomeCame CCTV platform and APP

t-broad,Korea (since 2015)


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