Virtualized Evolved Packet Core


ELUON vEPC provides an open control-based distributed structure mobile core network (MME/S-GW/P-GW) technology by SDN in OpenStack and an NFV based cloud virtualization environment, and is an integrated management solution of this technology.

Recently, for efficient use of resources, an effort to make a product out of an vEPC (virtualized EPC) has been in progress in which an EPC (Evolved Packet Network), that has been provided independently and individually, is being offered in a virtualized structure based on SDN, NFV, and virtualization based technologies

Following such a trend, ELUON vEPC offers structural improvement on high-expense and flexibility strengthening effect on mobile communication networks. Also, minimization of service launching time, maximization of investment profit rate, and enhancement of operational convenience are provided by supporting a customer-tailored platform that reflects customers’ networks condition and needs. ELUON vEPC provides customer-tailored customization based on solution based on our own ELUON technique stemming from our long experiences and know-how regarding EPC equipments and mobile communication equipment development and operation.


Functions & Features

OpenStack/NFV based EPC function virtualization and separation of data plane and control plane

Dynamic core network resources management and control management

Mechanical training-based policy optimization function

Dynamic seamless handover support between GW

Handover support between networks

SDN/NFV-based Scalable & Dynamic network condition projection

Traffic load dispersion between GW and handover support

Condition speculation on wireless resources through traffic information analysis on vEPC, and traffic load control


2013~2014 Performed Project in Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


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