Ring Back Tone Service


Ring Back Tone(RBT) service plays a variety of contents set up by receiver for caller on the phone.

It is currently operating in almost all mobile operators around the world. However, as the service gets common and similar among vendors, operators have started to seek for more differentiated service features and new revenue making delivery channels.

While the IP Player, the content playing module of the service, became a standard, technical independent system, the CMS is highlighted since it provides additional revenue from its rich features such as marketing features and promotion packages, and advanced service channels, not only the traditional SMS, WAP, IVR, web, or UMB, but also open API and dealer shops.

Also, via the provisioning function of Eluon CMS, Eluon RBT is implemented into all kinds of network, including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, etc, with its wide range of content types, not only voice or music, but also video and various kinds of multimedia contents.


Functions & Features

RBT basic features : Time/group RBT, Gift RBT, Random RBT

Centralized or distributed content management

Supported access channels : SMS, IVR, Web, WAP, UMB, Open API

Service features : Copy contents, Full Track contents, Auto-change contents, etc.

Promotion features : Coupon RBT, Campaign functions, promotion packages, etc.

Provisioning features : Advanced search, connection with music portals, etc

Integration features : Integration with mobile SNS, etc

Supports IVR, Web, WAP, SMS, UMB as well as IVR, Web, WAP, SMS, UMB Open API interface

A new effective management concept of subscriber information

ISUP, SIP interoperation (supports both TDM and IP network)

GUI based management system

Supports center concentration composition/regional disperse composition and compound composition



Korea KT – CDMA

Operating since 2002


Indonesia Indosat GSM

Operating since 2004

England Hutch

Indonesia HCPT GSM

Operating since 2009


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