MPTCP Gateway
Multipath TCP Gateway


MPTCP Gateway (Multipath TCP Gateway) is a solution enable aggregate data transmission through two different kinds of networks.

For example, if 300Mbps LTE bandwidth and 867Mbps Wi-Fi bandwidth are available, MPTCP Gateway aggregate LTE-WiFi and enable user to use maximum approx. 1.17Gbps in total. Thus, users may experience high speed data service and reduced data consumption, and mobile operators can boost its network efficiency.

As LTE itself and demand for multimedia contents are growing, ‘LTE-speed race’ among mobile operators is heating up. Carrier Aggregation emerged as a solution, however, it requires gigantic investment due to scarce frequency resources. MPTCP Gateway is a solution that aggregates previously deployed Wi-Fi and LTE as a single network and provide stable and high speed network service to the user.


Functions & Features

Multipath Aggregation


- Support MPTCP Network Stack

- SOCKSv5-based MPTCP – TCP Relay

Support various Path Manager mode

Subscriber Authentication

Various Packet Scheduling

Congestion Control

Efficient Session Buffer Allocation

Dynamic MPTCP load dispersion

OAM features and GUI based tool



Korea KT : Operating since 2015


Korea LGU+ : Operating since 2015


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