Multimedia Message Service Center


MMSC enhances the ordinary SMS service by expanding the available message types from only plain text or emoticons to images, sounds, and also videos.

ELUON MMSC is developed to fully comply the worldwide standards including 3GPP/3GPP2, WAP Forum, OMA, and IETF. Implementation into networks established based on the standards is possible. Additional to the flexible compatibility, ELUON MMSC also provides media conversion so that contents can be sent and received regardless of the source network or format. ELUON MMSC has been operating in Korea since its first launch on 2005.


Functions & Features

MMS-MO/MT support

Message store & forward

Service control functions (scheduling & redirecting)

Charging CDR Creation and interworking with the charging server

Reserved messages and group messages

Integration with VASP (Value Added Service Provider)

Media conversion function of multimedia message

ELUON standard system operation and management tool

High Availability(HA) : Hardware and Software

Complies with 3GPP/3GPP2, WAP Forum, OAM, IETF standard

GUI based OMC



Korea KT – Wibro , BcN

Operating since 2005


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