USIM Management Center


USIM is embedded in GSM/WCDMA handsets using smart card technology and contains all subscriber related information including the operator’s unique serial number, subscriber authentication information, roaming information, and value added service information.

Subscribers can use the USIM card for device authentication and security, as credit cards or traffic cards, and for roaming service and location based services. ELUON UMC (USIM Management Center) solution offers a single point management of USIM data and information for the various usages of the USIM card. The solution enables mobile operators to authenticate, manage, and register subscribers easily and simply.

ELUON UMC interworks with NSTEP(Billing & Provisioning system) , POS system and SMSC in order to conduct OTA processes. With ELUON UMC, the operator can register new subscribers and send subscription information to the USIM card via OTA without a direct line connection with the USIM itself. ELUON UMC is designed on a blade type system, which can be expanded easily. It also supports redundancy to guarantee seamless service.

Since 2006, ELUON has provided UMC to domestic mobile operators and is operating and managing the solution in a stable manner.


Functions & Features

USIM card information management functions

- Card profile, applet, key, history functions
- Card information and detail file (ADF, DF, EF) management
- Card key transfer and encryption supporting function

OTA processing

- Card file download
- Card key transfer and encryption supporting function
- OTA process operation and management functions

Interoperation with Provisioning System, POS, and SMSC

Operation and management functions (OAM)

Easy expansion and redundancy support

GUI based OMC



Korea KT – WCDMA

Operating since 2006


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