Gateway Location Register


GLR works as a gateway between the home and visited network for roaming subscribers for sharing subscriber locations or profiles.

GLR operates on GSM and WCDMA networks and is installed at the boundary between the home and visited networks. It works as an HLR of the home network to outbounding roamers, and as an MSC of the visited network to the home network HLR. GLR minimizes network modification issues required for roaming services by supporting MAP message converting function.

ELUON GLR supports GSM and WCDMA networks, and operates with both traditional TDM SS7 and SIGTRAN. It provides not only ordinary roaming features, but also helpful features such as local disaster broadcasting, visited network information service, etc. ELUON GLR complies with standards related to GSM, 3GPP, and UMTS, and supports full redundancy. ELUON has provided stable and successful roaming service with GLR since 2006.


Functions & Features

Location/status information of roaming subscribers

VAS information of roamers

Roaming call notification for callers (ex: Your call is a roaming call)

SMS service for roamers

Call control based on roaming operators

ELUON standard system operation and management tool

High Availability : HW & SW

Complies with GSM, 3GPP, and UMTS standards

TDM SS7, SIGTRAN support

GUI based OMC



Korea KT – WCDMA

Operating since 2007


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