User Data Convergence


Membership DB is a database containing membership information in a mobile communication network, and is an indispensable system in providing telephone service in said network.

Membership DB stores various information (location, profile, additional services, status) related to the members, and provides basic needed functions such as finding the current location using membership information and finding out additional services when the members make phone calls.

As various networks are coexisting recently, it has become necessary to operate and manage membership DB’s of the individual network nodes in a consolidated manner. For this, ELUON is a diverse membership DB consolidated management system. Duplicated investments on individual systems are avoided and savings are achieved in CAPEX/OPEX by realizing membership DB concentration through consolidated DB.


Functions & Features

Data Centralization

- Membership DB physical consolidation and concentration
- OPEX saving through central concentrated management

Data Consolidation

- Membership DB logical consolidation and management for efficient management
- Unified interface provided to various network NE’s

Open System

- Open system for Multi-network & Multi-protocol support
- Open API for 3rd party access

Data Security

- Verification function for data security between network sections
- DB Data encryption provided


Korea KT

Malaysia YTL


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