Diameter Routing Agent


DRA is a system for routing diameter messages, and provides efficient management of network and flexible additional network construction.

Upon LTE introduction, the diameter standard is used for protocols in phone calls between core networks. For this, DRAs (Diameter Routing Agent) are needed for interlocking systems.

By introducing DRA, it is possible to operate the network just by changing one’s own DRA station data without altering the station data for each system, and provides an alternative route and station duality in case of a network handicap. Also, by providing convenience in network management, the complicated network structure may be simplified. DRA also provides an interlocked equipment overload control and handicap isolation function in a centrally concentrated form.


Functions & Features

Relay function

Proxy function

PCRF Selection 및 Session Binding

Address Resolution and Load Balancing

DRA-DRA message Proxy Routing function

AVP Configuration and Mediation functions

GMLC interloacking SLg/SLh Interface support

CPU overload control and Congestion Control function

IWF(Translation) function(Option)

Security function (Option)

Topology Hiding function (Option)


Korea KT

Operating since 2012

Malaysia YTL


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