Diameter Edge Agent


DEA is located at the boundary between networks, and plays a role of gateway between the home network and visiting network during roaming service.

The diameter is the regulation for signal and message transmission between entities composing an LTE network. The equipment for diameter interlocking at the network boundary for roaming with overseas LTE providers is needed.

ELUON’s DEA supports roaming between LTE networks, and reflects the consolidation policy for each overseas provider. DEA interlocks with home networks’ MME, S4-SGSN, AuC, HSS, and GMLC, and also with DRA/DEA of overseas partners’ GRX/IPX providers.


Functions & Features

S6a interface provided

Slh interface provided

Slg interface provided

LTE location registration function provided

LTE member authentication function provided

Control function per overseas operator provided

IPX,GRX operators interlocking funcion provided

PCC/QoS Rule control per Roaming Agreement



Korea KT

Operating since 2011


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