Enhanced Serving Mobile Location Center


eSMLC is a system providing a base station based terminal location measurement in the LTE network.

eSMLC performs LTE terminal location measurement per LCS clients’ requests, and interlocks through eNodeB and MME. Also, it provides location measurement information that is enhanced by utilizing location assisting information. The LTE terminal’s precise location may be collected, and a variety of additional services are provided based on the location. The ELUON eSMLC solution combines location information such as safety and rescue, vicinity information, tracking, transportation, and advertisement, and then provides more valuable services.


Functions & Features

Service reliability improved due to introduction of precision-improved location measurement method

E-CID (Enhanced Cell ID)

OTDOA (Observed Time Difference Of Arrival)

A-GNSS (Assist Global Navigation Satellite System)

Location measurement response time shortened (QoS guaranteed)

Positioning measurement method regarding virtualized base station is provided.

Stability provided through verified duality solution

SCTP Multi-homing construction, Memory DB Replication function utilized

Additional positioning of engine application convenient due to module structure

User plane based location measurement possible through SLP interlocking



Korea KT

Operating since 2012


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