Home Subscriber Server


Home Subscriber Server (HSS) maintains the subscriber information in the IMS network. IMS network components which handle calls and sessions interoperate with HSS to verify and authenticate subscribers.

HSS has similar features to AuC and HLR in the GSM/WCDMA network. HSS supports DIAMETER and manages subscriber location information by interworking with CSCF.

ELUON HSS complies with 3GPP Release 7 standards and supports flexible scalability by separating the communication module and database module on the front-end and back-end, respectively. ELUON HSS supports system level redundancy in order to provide seamless mobile services and also supports multiple-redundancy of process modules so as to provide high availability in software level. Since 2007, ELUON has provided HSS to domestic mobile operators and has operated and managed the system in a stable manner.


Functions & Features

Subscriber profile management (authority, location, supplementary services) Subscriber location/status information management

Subscriber authentication information management

Subscriber authentication information management

Inbound call routing information delivery

Subscriber information delivery for call processing

Subscriber information delivery for supplementary services

Operation and management functions (OAM)

High Availability : HW & SW

Comply with 3GPP standard

Diameter support

GUI based OMC



Korea KT - IMS : Operating since 2007

Korea KT - LTE : Operating since 2011


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