Media Resource Function


ELUON MRF is a multimedia service system for IMS subscribers. It provides voice and video mixing, screen division, announcements, and codec conversion functions.

ELUON MFC, consisting of MRFC (Controller) and MRFP (Processor), interworks with CSCF/AS via SIP signals and with the billing systems via DIAMETER. The MRFP is controlled via MEGACO. MRFP progresses multimedia process function under MRFC control such as announcement delivery and voice/media mixing etc.

ELUON MRF supports high performance for high quality media process by installed exclusive DSP. Also MRF is easy to expand according to performance/capacity since it has standard ATCA platform.


Functions & Features

Various multimedia processing function

- Announcement/Tone play
- Audio/video record
- DTMF colletion
- TTS (Text-to-Speech), ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition)
- Audio/Video trans-coding
- Audio/Video conference

Codec supported

- Audio: AMR-wb, AMR-nb, G.729, G.723.1, EVRC, G.711
- Video: H.264, MPEG4, H.263

(SIP, MEGACO, Diameter) standard support

Control language support For multi-media (MSML, MSCML, MGCP-AAP, netann)



Korea LGU+ IMS

Operating since 2008

England Hutch

England Hutch

Operating sicne 2013


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