IMS based VAS (Value Added Service)


IVAS(IMS based VAS) is AS platform providing various video VAS services based on the 3GPP/3GPP2 and interworking with IMS network.

As internet phone penetration is increasing nowadays , the FMC(Fixed Mobile Convergence) service expectation is also increasing in order to strengthen mobile operator’s competitiveness. Various video service is expected to be launched soon, because the various services, which had been provided based on nonstandard in the legacy network, become part of IMS supplementary services since 3GPP R9.

The IVAS operator can make new video service fast and launch it to the customer as fast as possible , so that the customer’s satisfaction is increasing. IVAS interfaces with CSCF and MRF using SIP protocol for the video service. IVAS also interfaces with HSS and billing system such as OCS, CDF using Diameter protocol. ELUON IVAS solution is optimized system for operator and supports various policy and service required from the operator.


Functions & Features

Various video VAS service platform

- Video chatting, multimedia caller information, location information service, web video conference, media sharing, etc.

Video service subscriber management

Video service logic handling

Call process using SIP (B2BUA ) )

SIP distribution and clustering in stable manner

Effective overload control function

- Policy/ Scheduling /Call distribution/Call drop

Diameter, SIP protocol

Media process by interfacing with MRF



Korea LGU+ IMS

Operating since 2011


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