Interconnection Border Control Function


The IBCF (Interconnection Border Control Function) performs border controller roles between networks in IMS network interlocking, and handles security and interlocking related issues in interlocking with various networks.

As an IMS NE performing interlocking contact between domains of the IMS system, IBCF not only provides IMS calls handling signaling and member media handling for inter-IMS operators’ interlocking, but also provides security, NAT Traversal, protocol transformation handling, and IP version interlocking function between different systems of differing IP versions as well as between a terminal and system.


Functions & Features

SIP Proxy and B2B UA function

IMS node and call handling interlock function

TLS support

SIP P-Header handling function

Entry point function

Exit point function

IMS-ALG function

THIG function

Transport plane 제어 기능

SIP signaling information screening function

Accounting function

Security function

Signaling connection point selection function

Non-3GPP SIP acceptance

Interlock function



Korea LGU+

Operating since 2012


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