Video VMS


Video VMS is a video version of the traditional voice based voice mailing service.

Incoming video calls while the receiver is busy or unavailable are automatically redirected to the Video VMS system, and the system asks the caller to leave a message with a predefined video greeting message. The recorded video by the caller is stored in the Video VMS system, where the receiver can check later when he or she becomes available. The Video VMS system, on operator’s or subscriber’s demand, may notify the receiver about message arrivals. The video VMS system can be accessed by any phone which supports WCDMA video calls as long as the subscriber remembers the PIN.

ELUON Video VMS is a massive capacity video messaging system. Designed in open structure, it can be implemented to interoperate with other VAS systems easily. The VMS application is developed based on FlexIVR in order to add additional service applications without effecting the service operation. It also supports distributed structure in order to make system modification and expansion simple.

Eluon has implemented the Video VMS solution on 2006 in Korea, and currently operating successfully.

Video VMS


Functions & Features

RBT basic features : Time/group RBT, Gift RBT, Random RBT

A new effective management concept of subscriber information

Centralized or distributed content management

Supported access channels : Web, WAP, Open API

Service features : Copy contents, Full Track contents, Autochange contents, etc.

Promotion features : Coupon RBT, Campaign functions, promotion packages, etc.

Provisioning features : Advanced search, connection with music portals, etc.

Integration features : Integration with mobile SNS service, etc.

ISUP, SIP, 3G.324M interoperation (supports both TDM and IP network)



Korea KT - WCDMA

Operating since 2005


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