Video Conference


ELUON Video Conference is for video conferences among people at remote locations.

Using the video call service on their WCDMA cell phone, up to four subscribers can join a conference session. The conference attendances are displayed on the screen devided in four sections.

ELUON Video Conference solution also supports web clients. Subscribers can join or create video conference sessions on their PC with the video conference web client. The conference host can allow or prohibit talking, mute voice, and change the screen layout.

ELUON has implemented the Video VMS solution on 2007 in Korea, and currently operating successfully.

Video Conference


Functions & Features

Supports up to four concurrent conference members

Create/invite/ban command available with cell phone keypad or web client

Supports conference between mobile phone and PC client

Conference room monitoring screen for operator

Supports 3G.324M, SIP



Korea KT - WCDMA

Operating since 2005


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