Data Management Platform


Eluon Hosu (DMP) is a centralized digital warehouse where marketers, publishers, and other businesses can effectively store, manage and analyze large quantities of data and activate audience data from any source.

ELUON Hosu increase Advertisement cost-efficiency with analyzing 1st Party Data, 2nd Party Data and 3rd Party Data which information is hold by network operator. Also ELUON Hosu data analysis help advertisement can be sent its targets efficiently which advertiser and publisher want to deliver.

Eluon Hosu are incredibly useful in marketing campaigns, enabling optimization through more effective ad targeting.
Designed to optimize, delivers and measures display campaigns across all digital devices targeted to specific user, with targeted segments based on demographics, interests and behaviors. The promise: the ability to reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message.
Our data center and server farm handles vast amounts of offline and real-time data, using multiple touch points to build detailed, active profiles with a high degree of confidence to provide user profilling and audience modelling.
A machine-learning feedback system and predictive algorithms enhance user data and generate new ‘lookalike’ audiences at scale.


Functions & Features

Data Portability : Import first, and third party data, then build custom segments, and easily export data

Data Activation : Deploy high-value audience segments across media and advertising, and increasing efficiency and driving higher ROI on your marketing spend

Audience Insights: Get an enhanced understanding of customers’ interests and behaviors to improve the relevance of campaign messages and drive higher conversion rates and sales

Targeted Campaign Messages : Create custom audiences specific to each campaign for minimal ad waste and deeper insights


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