CEO Message

Digital Convergence Era, Welcom to ELUON that creates a new digital world.

Thank you very much for your visiting ELUON Corporation. This is SeungKu Yi, President and CEO of ELUON.

Since its foundation in 1998, ELUON has successfully grown to be a major business partner of Telecommunication service providers around the world through endless efforts for both market and technology developments.

Having kept enhancing Telecommunication solutions and services, ELUON now leads the convergence Era expanding its solutions and services to Finance and Broadcasting sector.

Furthermore, ELUON is endeavoring to become a global company via continuous export market development transferring technologies and know-how’s local overseas subsidiaries.

ELUON shall take advantage of the opportunities in G20 and ASEAN countries and be prepared to be ready for the next generation network. We are also mad keen on new mobile service business, especially using LBS and IC Card technology. Through these efforts, ELUON will be able to deliver various values to our shareholders as well as our customers.
We, ELUON, appreciate your continuous interest in our activities and encouragement. Thank you very much.

SeungKu Yi, Ph.D.
President and CEO


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